port fairy house 2

PF2 _01 view from front
PF2_02 view from river
PF2_03 shutters
PF2_05 terrace
PF2_06 viewing terrace
PF2_07 framed view
PF2_08 curved detail
PF2_11 corner detail
PF2_14 connections
PF2_17 breezeway
PF2_20 tea tree
PF2_25 rear terrace
PF2_26 view from the river
PF2_27 interior
PF2_28 night
PF2_29 external stair
PF2_30 dusk Port Fairy

photography - Brett Boardman

Nestled among the tea-trees to take advantage of open bay views, this house is split into 2 living zones - the PM 'after-dark' and the AM 'daylight' zone.

The idea of 'public and private' division of spaces drives the form of this project, manifesting in a 2-part form when read externally. 

Less than 50m from the water, this house is also oriented around the competing interests of solar access on one side and the ocean views on the other. Framing ideal views and excluding neighbouring dwellings has been an important aim in the design of external openings in order to give the owners sanctuary.

The reading of two external forms continues on the inside where the external materials are also read in the internal 'street' so that you are aware of moving from one form to another.

Built with durable materials that will fade to grey when aged, the house will gradually blend in to the natural tea-tree backdrop and become a part of its landscape.

Architect _ Farnan Findlay Architects
Engineer _
Builder _ Pilkington Constructions