Laguna House  I  Hunter Valley  I  NSW

01 pool
03 south
04 Spine wall


 Photos: Brett Boardman


Remoteness, having no services such as water or electricity and being in a level 3 bushfire area, were some of the challenges of this beautiful site.

Set in an ideal site in the Hunter Valley north of Sydney, this bush retreat is self sufficient, being equipped with solar panels and wind generation. The project has literally become a laboratory of ideas, from the wind generator to the LED lighting inside the house

The client also demanded that the approach not be an exercise in reductionism. There is a dishwasher, pool and proper flushing toilets yet the house is comfortable all year without air conditioning

The house quite simply consists of a main anchor wall following the site contours, canted steel columns and the containers for the living spaces. This is all protected by two separate double-leaf roofs that 'float' over the living areas and the site, offering generous protection from the elements in a simple double-gesture

The living and sleeping wings of the house are separated by a covered outdoor area compelling you to appreciate the elements in a form of 'sophisticated camping

The linearity of the house reinforces the viewpoints and the experience of the site.


Architect - Farnan Findlay Architects

Engineer - Medland Metropolis