Kvadrat Maharam 2  I  Sydney

01 Main Showroom.jpg
02 North Wall
03 North Wall
04 Corridor
05 Fabric Display
06 Storage
07 Maharam books
08 Showroom desks
08 Corridor wall
09 Showroom desks
10 Utility area

Photography - Fabian Foo


Kvadrat Maharam is a partnership of Danish-based Kvadrat and New York-based centennial Maharam, with a shared tradition of innovative design to provide the broadest and best range of contract textiles.

Kvadrat Maharam asked us to return to a project we had completed earlier to design and procure a larger floor area with minimal disruption.

A totally new back of house area acts as a showcase for the company's vision of excellence at all levels. '...a holistic approach to design, embracing a range of disciplines as fundamental to its business philosophy; showrooms, graphics and accessories receive the same attention to detail as product design'

The expanded space showcased an innovation from Kvadrat called 'North Tile'. We employed this product as an equally innovative operable wall. The finishing touch was a high quality technical Erco lighting solution.